As an experienced wills & estate lawyer, Sebastian uses a range of documents and strategies, tailored to your individual family circumstances. Whether it’s meticulous crafting of wills both simple or complex, the establishment of spousal, alter ego, disability or other trusts, navigating life insurance declarations, setting up powers of attorney, creating representation agreements, or drafting advanced directives, Sebastian is skilled at guiding you through each step of the process. In estate administration, such as probate and letters of administration for people who die intestate, Sebastian brings both experience and empathy. Clients can rely on his commitment to understanding their circumstances, preferences and values, answering their questions promptly and thoroughly, and providing solutions that align with their goals.

Sebastian earned his first degree in Political Sciences and Economics from the University of British Columbia. As an avid traveler, he then decided to do his law degree at the University of Queensland in Australia. Upon return to British Columbia, he worked as a legal assistant and paralegal at two well-known Vancouver firms in family law, while writing his exams for National Accreditation. From this experience, he developed a strong interest in drafting family law agreements such as separation and cohabitation agreements, and he continues to make family law contracts a part of his practice today.

After several years of practice, Sebastian has moved to Vernon where he has family and is looking forward to a smaller town life. In his spare time he enjoys camping, fishing, mountain biking – and he rides a motorcycle!
Sebastian’s philosophy of law is that self-care matters – just as it does in your personal life. With our personal health we believe in regular check-ups, knowing our own needs and abilities and limits, and getting support so that you can live out your values and pursue your dreams. Estate planning does all this for legal health, ensuring that your legacy is what you want it to be, and family, friends and pets are provided for. Health care directives are for everyone, and guardianship (Committeeship) is also available to ensure safe care for the elderly and vulnerable.