Ellen Campbell

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“Very few times in life, you meet people who really, truly care about others, and who go above and beyond to seek justice for their fellow human beings.

Melody is one of these people.

I originally met Melody because I wanted to ask her some questions about being a lawyer, as I was about to embark on law school the following September. She was kind enough to meet me for lunch and speak to me about my aspirations, giving me some well needed advice.

Not soon after that, I was involved in a motor vehicle accident that left me with a spinal injury, headaches, and serious muscle weakness down my left arm. Between physiotherapy appointments three times a week, doctors appointments, ICBC phone calls, the inability to do even the most basic things such as grocery shopping, and not being able to do my job because of the injuries I sustained, I was left completely overwhelmed and broken.

Melody heard about my situation through a Facebook post and immediately jumped to my aid. From the moment I signed the papers, she handled everything for me as I started my first year of law school and embarked on an arduous journey to recover my strength.

In the end, she was able to negotiate a settlement that covered my lost wages, medical expenses, physiotherapy, and future care, which will enable me to continue to heal and regain my strength and movement back.

If you want someone to be in your corner through thick and thin, Melody is the lawyer for you.”

Ellen Campbell
Kelowna, BC

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