On Being a Female Lawyer

When representing people suffering personal injury in car accidents, there are fewer female lawyers than male lawyers. It is not clear why, since personal injury is in fact “personal” and involves both male and female victims.

Also, in the North Okanagan, there are only a few experienced female personal injury lawyers (senior lawyers).

As a woman lawyer in Vernon, I am often approached by clients, both male and female, who are looking specifically for a female lawyer. Sometimes they feel that a female lawyer would understand their health, or that a woman lawyer would be easier for them to talk with.

Just as with doctors, it is good to have a choice, so that people can have a lawyer who is right for them. Being comfortable with your lawyer is important because you want to be able to talk openly about your injuries, your past, and what you need for the future.

You do not often see a woman lawyer owning her own law firm in personal injury law.

I truly enjoy owning my own law firm and being able to employ five professional staff in Vernon. It is important to me to create a positive work environment where my employees know they are valued and can work for the benefit of our clients.  Our clients are the reason we are here and we work to get them the care and compensation they need.