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What is Family Law?

Family law resolves conflict when relationships end – marriage and divorce, common law and cohabitation, separation agreements, 2SLGBTQ+, parenting and mobility, child and spousal support, property and debt division, and more. Marriage and cohabitation agreements can also set out your expectations and protect your assets.

Early appointments are available. We have skilled family lawyers available in all three of our offices: Vernon, Kelowna and Lake Country. Virtual consultations are also available.

Our legal team will help you every step of the way.

We understand the importance of maintaining relationships rather than making the situation worse. You also cannot give away too much because you need to be ready for your future. We understand the need to get results as quickly and as cost-effectively as possible.

Senior lawyer Angela Price-Stephens is also a Family Mediator. If you and your ex partner don’t have lawyers, she can help you reach agreement together. She can also mediate if you both do already have lawyers.

We understand that this is a very difficult time. Sometimes it is the hardest and most emotional time in person’s life. But there is hope and we are here to help you move forward into a better future.

We aim to resolve issues as quickly and as cost-effectively as possible while reducing the potential for further conflict.

We will respond promptly to your questions when you reach out.

You will receive our honest opinion on your case and we will give you clear and practical advice on what to do.

This can get better! Don’t give up. We can help.

Our Family Law Paralegals, Dianne and Isabella

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You’re dating someone who has kids from a prior relationship.…

Who gets the kids for Christmas?

The holidays are almost here. What if your ex says you can’t…

Who gets the cat when you break up?

You’re moving out and you want to take the cat. But your ex…

Martin Estate and Injury Law Offers a
Complete Range of Family Law Services



  • Separation agreements
  • Divorce
  • Asset division
  • Support
  • Pre-marriage agreements
  • …and more


  • Guardianship
  • Parenting time
  • (formerly custody and access)
  • Child support
  • Relocation
  • …and more


  • Asset division
  • Separation agreement
  • Cohabitation agreement
  • Support
  • 2SLGBTQIA+ partnership
  • …and more

Silver, our office greeter

Choose your lawyer from our team of Family Law lawyers who can ease your burdens and create solutions that work.

We have senior, intermediate and junior lawyers available.

ALSO did you know… that our senior lawyer Angela Price-Stephens is also a Family Law Mediator, Arbitrator and Parental Coordinator? This means she can work with both you and your ex partner directly to negotiate agreements, help you reach your own solution, or even reach a binding decision when you and your ex are simply unable to agree. Neither of you need to have a lawyer. Contact us to learn more about these cost-effective solutions!

We provide:

  • No-obligation consultation – Get legal advice about your options and rights
  • Drafting agreements such as separation, cohabitation, marriage agreements and 2SLGBTQIA+
  • Mediation and negotiation
  • Mediation and Arbitration
  • Parental Coordination
  • Court hearings

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Angela Price-Stephens
M.A., LL.B., B.Sc., RCC

Angela Price-Stephens
M.A., LL.B., B.Sc., RCC

Angela understands first-hand the challenges of separation, divorce and blended families, having gone through these difficult but rewarding experiences herself.

She also works with couples, parents, ex-spouses and children, to establish respectful relationships and improve communication and family dynamics, in her separate practice as a Registered Clinical Counsellor (RCC).

Angela holds a Master’s degree in Counselling Psychology in addition to her law degree. She is also a certified mediator for both family law and other legal cases and is a facilitator with the Kelowna Restorative Justice Program to help youth and their families.

Over recent years Angela has volunteered hundreds of hours as a crisis line responder, assisted in shelters for those who have suffered intimate partner violence and accompanied victims of sexual assault through the medical and legal system. She provides a trauma-informed legal practice with care, not judgment.

Angela brings to her family law practice the ability to listen, share wisdom, help her clients find their voice, and support you in making good legal decisions for yourself and your children.

She also has extensive knowledge of physical and mental health concerns, including post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), anxiety, depression, and chronic pain, from her career as a lawyer practicing medical malpractice law and personal injury, in addition to her training as a clinician. The combination of almost 30 years as a lawyer and her counselling skills makes Angela an excellent choice for family law.

By way of background, Angela was born in the UK where she went to university to study business and law and worked as a lawyer. She emigrated to Canada more than 15 years ago and worked as a lawyer both in Vancouver and in the beautiful Okanagan.

Angela Price-Stephens

Angela Price-Stephens

Her two daughters are in their mid-twenties and are a source of great pride to her and her husband. They are so glad to see them establish their own independent lives in the legal and dental professions respectively.

Angela lives in the Mission area of Kelowna with her family, including three dogs, a frog and a fish called Wanda. She is a true Brit of a certain age and still appreciates the Monty Python gang.

Angela enjoys reading (real books that get wet and sandy on a beach) and gardening (mainly for the benefit of the deer) and has recently returned to horse riding, a risky endeavour given her rusty skills.

Angela is available to provide family law service to clients who have not previously consulted with her for counselling or therapy.

Kimberley Allardyce
J.D., B.A.

While visiting Lake Country Kimberley and her husband fell in love with the area and decided this would be the perfect place to raise their young family!

Pondering the decision to move as they drove past Martin Estate and Injury Law’s Lake Country office at Oceola and Highway 97, Kimberley thought “why don’t I just apply there?”. She did, and the rest is history!

Kimberley was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba. She has studied and practiced law in Ontario and she is fluently bilingual (English/French). Her calm and friendly personality are paired with her direct and honest approach to resolving issues.

Clients would say that Kimberley faces their problems with calm deliberation. She is a steady and reassuring person. Nothing rattles Kimberley’s nerves. She never lets opponents’ drama get to her.

Kimberley Allardyce
J.D., B.A.

Kimberley Allardyce

She sees solutions rather than problems and her advice is practical and realistic. She does not waste time getting caught up in side issues but can quickly spot the real issue and address it. She is hard-working, realistic and sensible, while also being welcoming and kind.

Given her many years of past legal experience in two provinces, Kimberley is very confident representing her clients in both out-of court negotiations and court hearings. She is never afraid to stand up for her clients’ rights against argumentative or difficult adversaries, and her style is always to remain firm and reasonable herself.

When growing up, she was very active in sports, particularly basketball and Ultimate Frisbee. As soon as she was eligible, she worked as a basketball referee for the Winnipeg Minor Basketball Association, where she also coached youth basketball. Through perseverance, hard work, and training, and due to her strong drive to excel, she became a University Basketball Official for the Ontario University Athletics. She accomplished this while also attending law school and working as a lifeguard.

Even before law school, she was very interested in dispute resolution, and she nearly pursued a career in international relations. She ultimately decided that her interests and skills would be better applied as a lawyer.

After moving to BC from Ontario, she worked at a law firm in downtown Vancouver. Throughout her years of practice, Kimberley has been legal counsel in negotiations, arbitrations, mediations, and trials. This experience led her to open a family law practice where her abilities could be put to good use.

In addition to her husband and two children, Kimberley’s household includes cats and kittens that she fosters through the Okanagan Humane Society. In her (limited!) spare time, Kimberley can be found at the beach, cycling around town, or at the park with her family.

Kimberley Allardyce

Benjamin Noorduyn
J.D., B.Sc.

Benjamin Noorduyn
J.D., B.Sc.

After several years practicing in the fields of corporate law, contract disputes, tax appeals, insurance law and estate work at a law firm just outside Toronto, Ben concluded that his favourite area of law is family law!

Helping separating spouses navigate the difficult waters of asset division, support, and parenting children is very important to him.

In addition to being a full-time lawyer, Ben is a commissioned officer in the Canadian Armed Forces who trains teenage cadets in Vernon.

He is proud to be Canadian and serve his country. He loves to help young people develop into confident leaders and teach them survival skills in the outdoors.

Ben grew up on a farm in rural Ontario, harvesting grain and tending sheep, before starting a lawn maintenance company to afford university.

Ben was a top student at prestigious McMaster University, graduating Summa Cum Laude (highest honours) in life sciences, which is often considered pre-med (for medical school). Ben chose to become a lawyer instead, and through his court work in Ontario he gained very valuable courtroom skills which he has brought to his family law practice here in Vernon.

Ben has broad experience in many areas of law giving him a strong knowledge base for the negotiation and drafting of agreements, together with confidence in representing people in mediation and contested court hearings. He is known for his diplomatic and courteous approach to opponents and the Court, while protecting his own clients’ interests.

Benjamin Noorduyn

Benjamin Noorduyn

Ben is an optimist and he brings a cheerful and constructive solution-focused approach to family law problems.

“Yes this can be solved. Problems will not defeat you — we will get this resolved!”

Ben’s wife is also a real blessing to Vernon – she is a nurse who works at the Vernon Jubilee Hospital.

The couple loves the Okanagan and are building a house here. In his spare time, Ben enjoys hiking, target shooting, martial arts and training his cadets at the local squadron.

Mike Corcoran
J.D., B.A.

Mike Corcoran grew up in Kelowna with three brothers. Summer vacations were spent camping throughout the Okanagan with family and friends, and his weekends were filled with street hockey, baseball, and other sports with children in the Ellison neighborhood he grew up in. After graduating from Rutland Senior Secondary, he won the President’s Entrance Scholarship to the University of British Columbia – Okanagan. Mike earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in psychology, making the Dean’s List three years in a row and winning the Deputy Vice Chancellor Scholarship twice.

Mike went to law school at the University of Victoria, and after graduating he articled at a boutique family law firm on Vancouver Island. During his articles he assisted his principal in preparing for and attending multiple trials, including preparing documentary evidence and witnesses such as child psychologists and family members who were called to testify at trial. He helped prepare legal arguments to support clients seeking final determinations of parenting time, child support, and spousal support. He also assisted with quickly obtaining clients interim child and spousal support so that they had an immediate source of income while the longer term issues were being dealt with.

Mike Corcoran
J.D., B.A.

Mike Corcoran

Outside of the courtroom, he was involved in numerous mediations to resolve property, debt, and pension divisions, as well as arriving at parenting arrangements that fit the needs of the children and worked with the specific schedules of both parents. For clients who wanted cost-effective resolutions, Mike also gained lots of experience negotiating separation agreements, defending clients’ interests for the issues that mattered most to them while achieving resolution without a judge or mediator so that the clients could put the past behind them and look towards their future.

One of the things Mike is known for, is his work ethic. He believes in working for what you want and saving up. He saved for law school by working for three years as residential support worker at Hildebrandt Homes in Kelowna, helping people with developmental disabilities. He supported them through all aspects of their daily lives, including work programs, recreational activities, and life skills development. Mike found this work very fulfilling, working closely with people to overcome their daily obstacles and live their lives to the fullest in their community. He realized during this time that any area of law he pursued, needed to be people-first.

Mike’s wife Ashley, who manages a barber shop, is also from Kelowna. The couple moved back to the Okanagan to be close to family. Both of their parents live in the Okanagan, as well as many siblings, and numerous nieces and nephews, so for these two family-oriented people there is no place they would rather be. This is especially important with the recent birth of their baby daughter.

Because family is so important to Mike, he understands the pain his clients feel when they are separated from their children. Often it’s not only the parent that is impacted by not seeing their child, but the entire extended family including grandparents, aunts, and uncles that are missing out on those cherished memories. This is time you can’t get back, and Mike recognizes the importance of moving quickly to obtain for his clients the parenting time that they deserve.

Clients find Mike very empathetic and easy to talk to. He is a good listener. He understands the importance of being cost-effective and developing a strategy quickly to help achieve the desired outcome. He is especially aware of the need to bring interim applications to obtain support for those whose funds are limited.

Apart from work, Mike enjoys the great Okanagan outdoors, including camping, hiking the many beautiful trails, floating down the Shuswap River, and playing cards with friends. He and his wife are cat people, and at one time they had a 30 pound cat named “Harley”. The vet was very impressed and said it wasn’t that he was fat, he was just big boned! The family recently got a kitten, which combined with a newborn baby, makes for a very energetic household!

Abigail, Mike Corcoran,  Angela Price-Stephens

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