Do you have to pay support for a child who isn’t yours?

You’re dating someone who has kids from a prior relationship. Can you be on the hook pay child support if you break up? The short answer: Yes! In British Columbia, a court can require you to pay child support if: You married or were common law – you lived together for two years or had […]

Who gets the kids for Christmas?

The holidays are almost here. What if your ex says you can’t have the kids on Christmas Day? Or worse they announce “I booked a trip to Mexico with the kids!” Holiday parenting schedules can be a nightmare when you are separated or divorced. When your ex is being stubborn and unreasonable, it’s like talking to […]

Who gets the cat when you break up?

You’re moving out and you want to take the cat. But your ex says no, that cat is mine!  Legally who gets the cat after a breakup? Your pet is a family member and you’re a pet “parent”,  not just an “owner.” You love your pet almost as much as a child and its safety and happiness matters. […]