Andrew was born in London, England where he lived before his family relocated to Edmonton, Alberta. Growing up in the prairies blessed him with a childhood consumed by outdoor shinny hockey, snowboarding, and camping in Banff and Jasper.

After graduating from a performing arts high school, he enrolled in the Faculty of Arts at the University of Alberta. He travelled the world, backpacking across Europe and studying French in Quebec and Chinese history and political science in Taiwan. After graduating with a B.A. in History and Philosophy, Andrew relocated to Vancouver where he graduated from the University of British Columbia Law School (now Allard Law School) with his LL.B. (J.D.)

After getting called to the Bar in Alberta and British Columbia, Andrew plunged headfirst into insurance litigation by working at a boutique plaintiff personal injury and disability litigation firm in downtown Vancouver. Over the next 15 plus years he managed cases ranging from multi-party insurance coverage disputes to catastrophic disability and personal injury claims. Andrew has successfully brought claims before the BC Human Rights Tribunal for damages arising from lack of workplace accommodation for the disabled, racial profiling and stigmatization of drug use and addiction.

Always looking for the next intellectual challenge, Andrew qualified to challenge the series of US Bar exams in the state of Hawaii and after passing all requirements was admitted as a member of the Hawaii State Bar Association.

Whether in a courtroom or a boardroom, Andrew sees advocacy and negotiation as more than just the intellectual and logical presentation of evidence and legal precedent. It is the artful and academic discipline of persuasion through storytelling. At its core, the practice of law is the exploration of the human condition and the potential for social change, understanding and equality for our future generations.

Despite leaving Edmonton more than half a lifetime ago, Andrew is still the same prairie boy but now with a wife and two beautiful daughters too. You can find them at the community center playing pick up shinny hockey, at Whistler cruising on their snowboards or at an airport lounge reading a book and looking forward to the next great adventure.


LL.B., B.A.